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About Zuzana

Originally from Slovakia, I have been drawing all my life. Piles of paper, coloring books and big box of crayons is one of the strongest memories I have from my childhood. Only after my arrival to the United States my passion for all types of arts and crafts slowly found its way to freedom. I was mesmerized by my first visits to Michaels and Aaron`s Brothers. That was even before I knew Blick Art Supply store existed :-)

Years ago I have stumbled upon Watt`s Atelier in Encinitas, and more importantly Studio 2nd Street in Encinitas CA, run by Ron Lemen and his wife Vanessa Leman, both being my big inspiration for my own future progress. I took their portrait and figure drawing classes and my crazy idea of becoming artist slowly started to materialize into an achievable reality.

In 2009 I fell in love with watercolor and with encouragement from my husband and friends, I signed up for watercolor painting classes at Mira Costa College in Oceanside CA with Diane Adams. My love for watercolor was instant. Doug Durrant. I have received my AA degree in Illustration at Palomar College in 2018. I have met tremendous teachers along the way - Doug Durrant, Lily Glass, Vicky Walsh, Mike Dillinger, Jay Shultz, Jennifer Hewitson, Mark Hudelson and others. This dream of having a degree in Art, being professional working artist, I had never even considered dreaming growing up. It was just way too far up in the sky.

I love process of creating. Whether it be mural, art piece or illustration. It is just different media. I love turning words, ideas into visual information, that will speak back to viewer. Even before I took on this official path of being out of the closet artist, my goal was for my humble art to bring it to as many “everyday” people as possible. To make them happy, to evoke emotional response to what they see, and possibly to remember what they saw for many years to come.